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Charitable treats: Bakers create delicious donations for children and teens

"For Goodness Cakes" is making a difference by creating unique birthday treats for local children and teens in need.

From whimsical and delicate to colorful and decadent, cakes are sweet reminders that someone cares. That's why For Goodness Cakes delivers treats to children in foster care and at-risk youth on their special day.

"'I want you to have this birthday cake because you're special.' I think that can really make a difference in a kid's life," said Kim Sabow, the co-chapter lead in the Twin Cities.

While in Los Angeles for training, Sabow mentioned a moment that cemented that she and her team were making a difference. "I still remember this one young girl. She was probably 14 or 15. We presented the cake, and she put her hands over her face, and she's like, 'Nobody's ever given me my own cake.'"

The confections come from amateur bakers hoping to spread a little love. "There's been a lot of YouTube videos that I've watched," joked Melissa Wiener. The local mom started volunteering in April.

"My first cake I made was a Minnie Mouse-themed cake. That one took me forever. It took probably 10 hours to figure that out."

But, with a bit of experience under the apron, "I get more and more ideas; I would say one of my favorites is a Superman that I did," said Wiener. "It had all the extra 'pows' and 'bangs' for the little kids to play with."

The project is heating up, with 215 cakes delivered in our area. There's even a database that helps match volunteers with orders. "The problem is the cakes go like that," said Sabow. "For sure! So, so quickly, " Wiener quickly added.

Each volunteer is limited to making two cakes every 14 days, but Sabow says some people like to do more.

The cherry on top is that you don't have to be the next Betty Crocker to get involved. Sabow says they don't care if it's a box cake you make, as long as it’s created with care. She used herself as an example by saying, "I do not know how to work with fondant or, you know, make roses or any of that. So, it's a cake. And it's, it's going to make somebody happy."

For Goodness Cakes raises funds the old-fashioned way, with bake sales and donations. The dream is to partner with companies like General Mills, Land O'Lakes, and Nordic Ware since the bakers already use those products.