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Communities that KARE: Jacob Deisch

A contentious election, civil unrest, or a global pandemic can't stop a Minneapolis master barber from sharing his message of hope.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — "A friend of mine told me, 'Hey, there's a great story in the Bible of a guy named Gideon. I think you can identify with him.' And I took it."

Over the years, Jacob Deisch honed his skills as a barber, artist and rapper, using Gideon's story as an inspiration. 

"It's about common people, a common person who lived with purpose, who had a purpose and did some extraordinary things," explained Deisch.

He is the creator of something extraordinary in Minneapolis' Corcoran neighborhood, Gideon's Barber Shop and Gideon CC LLC.

"Gideon's is kind of an amalgamation of all of what culture is and what life and community is that we are all different and unique," Deisch explained.

Gideon's Barber Shop is a place that celebrates heritage, artistry, community and hair.

The shop stands for more than just style; it serves something many people are hungry for.

"I think the need is that people want to feel known, people want to be heard and there's no really no better place than a barbershop. It's therapy through conversation." 

Part of the magic lies in the open layout, like a modern home.

"It's meant to encourage conversation, whether you're in the waiting room, the living room, whether you're in the chair getting your hair cut, which we call the kitchen," explained Deisch.

There's also a kid's corner filled with activities and educational tools.

"There are books primarily of black and brown protagonists. I really believe it's important for children to not only have literacy inspired for them, but also just enjoy seeing themselves reflected in the stories," said Deisch.

The story of Gideon's Barbershop is still being written, with lifestyle brands and community groups creating new chapters.

 "Planting People Growing Justice partnered with us and so we're just excited to make it more than haircuts."

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