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Communities that KARE: Roots for the Home Team

A nonprofit is helping local youth nourish their bodies and their futures by teaching them everything from gardening and nutrition to entrepreneurial skills.

SAINT PAUL, Minnesota — Although Target Field is closed to fans, people are still getting a taste of the ballpark.

Roots for the Home Team is a nonprofit that takes teens to the stadium to sell colorful salads they've created.

But this season, Roots for the Home Team's director, Sue Moores, says the game plan changed.

"When Target Field and baseball sort of shutdown for that opportunity, we wanted to find another opportunity to shine a light on the amazing work that these work are doing in their communities," said Moores.

Now the nonprofit and a group of Saint Paul teens are creating hundreds of salads for essential workers including those at Bethesda Hospital.

Roots for the Home Team's mission is to help local teens grow vegetables, create recipes with local chefs, and teach them to market and sell their dishes.

Michael Vang is one of the young adults working with Roots for the Home Team to gain valuable experience like: "working up the courage, giving me customer skills, kind of making me think big. Maybe I'll own my own business. And Roots for the Home Team provided me the idea, a chance to experiment, and experience that, to think for the future," said Vang.

Janetta Raspberry is a local chef who serves as a mentor. Raspberry says she loves to share her passion for food and connecting to the youth

"[I] give them an opportunity to see someone that looks like them, that works in the field. I didn't have that when I was growing up. So representation really, really matters," explained Raspberry.

The nonprofit planted the seeds of knowledge, now these teens are reaping the benefits.

"Roots for the Home Team provides this creative entrepreneurship, resource that I can utilize," said Vang.

Roots for the Home Team partners with three youth garden partners:
Urban Roots, Appetite for Change and Waite House.