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Communities that KARE: Wildflyer Coffee

The Minneapolis coffee shop serves up support and delicious drinks.

MINNEAPOLIS — Wildflyer Coffee in Minneapolis' Longfellow neighborhood serves up both brews and a helping hand.

MacKenzie Diessner is the program manager at Wildflyer, which offers jobs to young adults experiencing homelessness.

"We have the opportunity to not only support them from a housing, basic needs and just stability perspective, but a program like ours provides work experience and employability skills," she said.

Employees develop resume and interview skills, learn how to network and are taught about workplace performance. They're also connected to resources to find housing and mental health support.

Mayra Soto has worked at Wildflyer for almost a month, and says the job has made a big difference in her life.

She says she learned that there are people out there there that are happy to help, and that she shouldn't be afraid to ask for support when she needs it. 

On top of getting customers their caffeine boost, Diessner says it's Wildflyer's goal to debunk misconceptions around homelessness in the Twin Cities.