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Twin Cities restaurant owner helps earthquake victims in Turkey

Chef Brian Ingram's nonprofit Give Hope is proving that when it comes to being a blessing to others, there are no borders.

MINNEAPOLIS — The head of Purpose Restaurants is on a new mission, thousands of miles away from Minnesota. 

Chef Brian Ingram is in the middle of devastation you just can't wrap your mind around.

"I don't even know what to say," he said. "Like, these buildings that have just collapsed that were 12 stories, 14 stories, 10 stories and they're everywhere... just the sheer loss of life."

The death toll after the Feb. 6th earthquake in Turkey is at 46,000 victims and counting.

"It's a lot to take in," Chef Ingram said. "Even the smell of death is in the air. I don't know, eloquent way of saying that but it's a lot to take in."

Chef Ingram already had a connection to the country after helping build a café there a few years ago. Using those already established resources, he assembled his team and got to work.

"We're 700 miles away in Istanbul so that meant we rented a van and then we just started going around."

His mission was to set up a food kitchen right in the middle of the devastation.

Chef documented the journey along the way, as he went from location to location filling up shopping carts loaded with hope.

Ingram says they're settling in for the long run.

"The goal will be to switch personnel out every three or four days. Bring folks and bring fresh supplies and be able to continue to kind of keep this kitchen going. This isn't something that's going to go away in a week or two weeks. It's going to be going on for months."

Whether it's the Twin Cities or Turkey, no matter how long it takes, Chef Ingram says he's determined to make an impact.

His mission proves that when it comes to being a blessing to others, there are no borders.

"We've been incredibly blessed in the Twin Cities and people that have supported our restaurants over the years have made all this possible," said Chef Ingram. "If you live a blessed life, then you damn well better be giving back.

If you want to help at home, you can find more information about Chef Ingram's nonprofit Give Hope here.

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