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#eyesUP: Local dad invents tool to stop distractions behind the wheel

It's against the law to grab our phones while driving, but many of us are doing it anyway. One local dad is helping drivers break their bad habits with a unique tool

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — We see people breaking the law every single day despite the fact that the Hands Free bill passed in 2019. Mitch Bain, a father and entrepreneur from St. Cloud, is doing something about this growing epidemic. He's doing so with an invention he made in 2016. 

"It's not the only solution but to me it's the best solution just to cut it off and hopefully it changes behavior," said Bain, speaking about his "CellSlip" device he created in hopes of stopping distracted drivers. 

"You just put your phone in the Cell Slip and it blocks all cell signal so you can concentrate on the road and not your phone, and not get distracted by alerts while you drive," said Bain. 

We actually first brought you Mitch's story back in 2016. He had just created this life saving tool after his wife and three kids were hit by a distracted driver.

"It put things into perspective and brought an emotion I didn't have prior to that," said Bain.

Fast forward to today, Mitch has sold more than 250,000 CellSlips across the country, a business on the rise especially after Minnesota passed the Hands Free Bill in 2019. 

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Mitch know's it's not an end-all solution but hopes the CellSlip will be a tool that can change drivers behavior behind the wheel. 

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