GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The cookies, the candy, the pies. This time of the year is tempting!

Gina Houmann, a registered dietitian at HealthPartners, says it's not about avoiding it all but keeping things in check.

“You know you have that favorite pie that grandma makes that's just so delicious, let yourself have some, just don't eat huge portions of it,” Houmann says.

She says most of us aren't getting enough fruits and vegetables this time of the year, so when you go to that holiday party, start with those first.

“Put those on your plate first, they'll take up that first room on your plate, which doesn't leave as much room for other foods,” she says.

Houmann says to start with small scoops because you can always go back for more.

Another good rule of thumb is to try to make that plate as colorful as possible.

“When you get fruits and vegetables, you just naturally get more color,” says Houmann.

Gina says to make sure you allow yourself to enjoy this time of the year, but also know that it's possible to infuse a little healthy into the holidays.

“If you're somebody who's really focusing on eating a really good diet year round, you don't want to throw that to the wind over the holidays, because it can be really hard to get yourself back on track,” she says.