BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Dr. Beth Averbeck, Primary Care Senior Medical Director at HealthPartners, says it’s important to get your vaccines.

“They can help prevent diseases that otherwise can cause death or significant disability,” Dr. Averbeck says.

As an adult, Dr. Averbeck says we should be focused on getting the flu shot every year and a tetanus booster every ten years. According to her, other vaccines that are important include HPV vaccines for guys up to age 26, a shingles vaccine at the age of 50 and a pneumonia shot at 65.

The flu shot is usually the easiest one to remember.

“As soon as it's fall, the leaves are turning, vaccine's available – go get the flu vaccine,” she says.

There are some myths out there about the flu shot.

Dr. Averbeck says you can't get the flu from the flu vaccine.

According to her, it's ok to get the shot if you're sick with something like a cold, but you don’t want to get it if you are running a fever.

She says it’s important to try to get the vaccine early to make sure you're protected.

“We don't know when we're going to first see that flu outbreak and you can get the flu after being exposed to it within about two days. The vaccine takes generally about two weeks to reach its maximum potential,” Dr. Averbeck says.

When it comes to any of these vaccines, HealthPartners wants you to know that they aren't always fun, but important to stay on top of.

“The flu shot hurts a little bit. Having any of these diseases would hurt a lot more,” Dr. Averbeck says.

Medicare, along with most insurance companies, cover the cost of a flu shot.