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Real Men Wear Gowns: Dental care

Dentist Vanessa Burton talks about common dental procedures.

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. — From restorative to cosmetic, these days dental procedures are almost second nature, but you must take the first step and actually go in for a check-up.

"A lot of it is all about prevention. We really want to get men in for the routine checkups," says Dentist Vanessa Burton at Health Partners Brooklyn Center.

Burton says without regular checkups you could be in for a world of hurt from things like decay or infection - which could lead to a tooth extraction or a root canal.

"If there's swelling that's a good indication that a root canal is needed," Burton says.

Sometimes tooth sensitivity is caused by a crack, so a crown may be the best option to keep the tooth from completely breaking.

Cosmetic procedures have dramatically increased in recent years. Invisalign is popular among adults who don't want traditional braces. For teeth that you find aren't aesthetically pleasing, Veneers are a common fix, too. 

"A veneer is a covering for the tooth similar to a crown or a cap that gets put on the tooth," Burton says. 

If you're missing teeth, implants are the latest technology. They're expensive and the procedure takes a long time, but the result is the closest thing to a real tooth.

"An implant itself is actually a titanium screw and it fuses with the bone," Burton says. "It acts like the tooth."

If you have a dental emergency after hours you can contact Health Partners CareLine. There's always a nurse to offer advice on how to manage a problem until you can get in to see a dentist.

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