Imagine trying to juggle multiple medications for several medical problems. Questions about when to take certain meds, and what can happen if they create negative reactions when mixed together can be mind-numbing. 

Enter the growing field of Medication Therapy Management (MTM). MTM helps patients better understand their medical conditions and medications. Mike Nevala is one. He takes 2 blood pressure medications, a digestive medication, a cholesterol med and he suffers from insomnia.

"It's hard for the average person to understand all these medications, how they work, how they interact with each other," Nevala explains. "So at one point my general practitioner had recommended I see someone in the MTM program."

When Mike started MTM 6-years ago he and Dr. Ann Moyer met about four time each year, but now that his health has improved with better medication management they only meet twice a year. 

"We want patients to come see us so that we can help them better understand their medical conditions and their medications," says Dr. Moyer. "Our focus is the medications, but we do also talk about health and exercise, diet, activity. Things like that. Those lifestyle changes are very important in helping to obtain your health goal."

Medication Therapy Management is available to all Health Partners members, even without a referral from a provider.