EXCELSIOR, Minn. - Dr. Joshua Scheck, family medicine doctor at Park Nicollet, says it's good to get in for a physical every year after the age of 40. Every other year is a good rule of thumb in your 20's and 30's, as long as there aren't serious health issues coming up.

A visit, he says, that’s centered around conversation with your doctor.

“What are the things we need to prevent to keep you healthy, to keep you doing the things you want to do to live the life you want to live,” says Dr. Scheck.

Dr. Scheck says nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and M.D.’s are all among the people qualified to perform a physical. The key, he says, is all in the connection.

“Who is the person that you feel like matches you and what your priorities are for your health and understands where you're coming from?” Dr. Scheck adds.

To avoid a possible curve ball when you get your bill, Dr. Scheck says it's important to understand the difference between a physical and a problem visit.

“A physical is really looking at, how do we prevent things from happening down the road,” Dr. Scheck says. “A problem-based visit is - what do we do about something that's happening now.”

He says doctors are required by law to bill for the services they provide, so if you ask about issues that aren't preventative-based during a physical you may get charged for it.