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Brilliant fall colors pop across Minnesota

From the North Shore to the south metro, KARE 11 viewers have been sharing their photos of fall color!

MINNESOTA, USA — With nearly half the state already seeing peak fall color, the window to get outside and enjoy the brilliant red, orange and yellow hues of the season is getting smaller.

From Grand Rapids to Rochester, viewers from across Minnesota have been sharing their photos of the gorgeous fall color. Check out a snapshot of some of the images you've sent us below, and be sure to share your own photos in our Facebook photography group That's So Minnesota or through the KARE 11 app!

Credit: Angie Cuff
Fall Colors in Lutsen Credit: Angie Cuff
Credit: Rosemary Harmsen
Little church in the valley near Cushing, Minnesota Credit: Rosemary Harmsen
Nottingham Parkway in Maple Grove

Curious to know how leaves get their autumnal colors? KARE 11 meteorologist Ben Dery explains that as days get colder and shorter, chlorophyll production, which gives leaves their green hue, stops. When that happens, leaves reveal the colors they've been hiding all summer long!

The five pigments that create colors in leaves are:

  • Chlorophyll (green)
  • Xanthophyll (yellow)
  • Carotene (orange)
  • Tannin (brown)
  • Anthocyanin (red and purple)
Credit: Elizabeth G.
Fall color on the Prairie Trail Credit: Elizabeth G.
Credit: Jerry Kutzera
Fall color in Backus, Minnesota Credit: Jerry Kutzera
Spring lake park, North Mankato 10/3
Credit: Brenda Hadrich
Fall color in Big Sandy Lake, McGregor
Credit: William Wright
Oberg Mountain
Credit: Saar Hodne
Fall colors near the West River Parkway in Minneapolis.
Credit: Sheldon Berkowitz
Mississippi River bank in St Paul Credit: Sheldon Berkowitz
Credit: Sheldon Berkowitz
Mississippi River bank in St Paul Credit: Sheldon Berkowitz

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