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Real ID takes effect this year in Minnesota

It's 2020, so it means you may want to think about getting a "Real ID."

MINNEAPOLIS — Here's something to put on your to-do list: You've only got nine months to comply with "Real ID" in Minnesota so you can fly or enter federal buildings.

Starting in October 2020, airport security, federal courthouses and military bases will no longer accept regular driver's licenses for entry, now that Minnesota is allowing post-9/11 security reforms to take effect this year. Although you can use current documents like a passport without needing to obtain new documents, an upgraded "Real ID" will be necessary if you plan to travel with a driver's license.

The Real ID carries a gold star and can be obtained for a fee through DVS. To apply for one, you need to bring documents -- proving your identity, date of birth and legal status, your social security number and Minnesota residency -- and then you'll need to be prepared to wait. Processing may take a month or longer. 

You can also opt for an enhanced ID, which would essentially double as a passport at border crossings.

Whatever you decide, you're not the only one having to make a decision in 2020. As of the fall, only an estimated 10 percent of Minnesota have complied so far with Real ID.

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