MINNEAPOLIS - A Richfield woman has been found guilty of third degree murder and vehicular homicide in the death of a public works employee in January 2016.

Marie Jessica Hall, 25, crashed her car into the back of a truck with two Bloomington Public Works employees inside, killing one of them. Tyler Lenort, 38, died. The other man suffered a traumatic brain injury, skull and spinal fractures.

Tyler Lenort (Photo: City of Bloomington)
Tyler Lenort (Photo: City of Bloomington)

Hennepin County District Judge Paul Scoggin ruled that her mental illness issues did not prevent her from knowing her actions were "morally wrong" when she crashed her car.

On January 28, 2016 Hall walked into her former place of employment earlier that morning, then walked behind the counter and grabbed two bottles of vodka, throwing money in the air on her way out. She was seen running red lights at a high rate of speed before the fatal crash.

Officers interviewed Hall at the hospital where she was being treated for her injuries. They say she was distraught over events in her life, and admitted to driving fast and erratically while going to get some vodka. After taking the vodka from her former employer, Hall allegedly told detectives that she opened a bottle, drank the equivalent of four or five shots of vodka, then sped down American Boulevard at approximately 100 miles per hour. It was then that she ran into the public works truck.

She indicated to police officers that she had intended to kill herself.