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Roads begin buckling under extreme heat

If you notice a road buckle while driving, MnDOT says to try and avoid driving over it, slow down, move to another lane and call 911 when safe.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Extremely hot temperatures have an impact on just about everything – people, pets, plants, even roads.

During a bout of excessive heat, roads can buckle and crack, creating dangerous hazards for drivers.

When roads are constructed, the material is cut into segments to create space for expansion and contraction, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. When it gets too hot, sometimes that space isn't enough and the pavement buckles or pushes up. Road buckling is more common on older concrete pavements.

If you notice a road buckle while driving, MnDOT says to try and avoid driving over it. Slow down, move to another lane and when safe, call 911.

"We do consider that a traffic emergency," said Anne Meyer with MnDOT. "We want drivers to call 911 if they see this happening."

Over the weekend, Highway 100 in Golden Valley started buckling near the Duluth Street Exit.

And in Chisago County, a major road buckle along I-35E north of Rush City prompted the sheriff's office to warn motorists of major traffic delays.

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