MINNEAPOLIS - Day three of the Allen Scarsella trial included medical testimony and videos from the night of the shooting at the Minneapolis Police 4th Precinct protest.

Allen Scarsella is charged with assault and riot for shooting five Black Lives Matter protesters during the Jamar Clark protests. Scarsella has admitted to shooting the protesters but says he did so only because he felt his life was in danger.

Dr. John Cumming, an HCMC emergency surgeon, testified about the life-threatening injuries suffered by one of the five men shot the night of Nov. 23, 2015. Cumming said Teven King lost about three liters of blood after being shot in the abdomen, and would not have survived if he wasn’t treated.

Nicholas Georgiades, an independent journalist with “Unicorn Riot,” who live streamed the 4th Precinct protests, also testified Thursday. Georgiades said he interviewed Scarsella and his friend Julio Suarez on Nov. 18, four days before the shooting. Georgiades testified that he found it bizarre how the two men sought him out and made strange statements, including referring to “melanin-enriched communities.”

The jury also viewed videos taken the night of the shooting. However, the high-quality video captured by the Minneapolis Police Department shows just about everything except for the actual shooting.

It begins with four men, Scarsella and three other suspects Daniel Macey, Nathan Gustavsson, and Joseph Backman, standing near a fence. Within moments, a couple dozen protesters surround them and the entire crowd moves around the corner and out of the camera's frame.

The next thing you see is people running back into the frame and scattering.

The last witness on the stand Thursday testified that she heard someone yell the N-word just before the shooting.

The trial will continue Friday.