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Minneapolis reports six fires in a 24-hour period

From early Monday through early Tuesday morning, firefighters were on their toes as flames licked at buildings and properties across the city.
Credit: KARE
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MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis fire crews battled numerous blazes across the city over the last 24 hours, with six fires requiring their attention.

According to a press release, the first fire was called into the department just before 4:30 a.m. Monday. A small fire had started outside Bethesda Baptist Church at 1119 8th Street South. Crews laid their lines and put the fire out before it spread inside the building, and no injuries were reported. 

Around two hours later, another fire was reported at 1203 Knox Avenue North, in the Near North neighborhood. In a press release firefighters noted that this is a vacant building, and has had several previous fires. Crews set to work on a small fire burning on the back porch, and put it out without any problems. A search of the building showed it to be empty.

Then just before 11 a.m., firefighters were sent to fire in a detached garage in the alley behind 2521 Polk Avenue Northeast, just off Lowry Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis. Flames were leaping from the roof when crews arrived, and they were able to put out the fire in the garage before it spread to any homes or caused any injuries. 

Not even thirty minutes had passed before the firefighters received another call. They headed back to the vacant building at 1203 Knox Avenue North after a report that someone was starting a fire. When crews arrived they found the fire burning in the grass and debris behind the building. Some of the fire reached the back door, but crews stopped it before it spread inside the house. Again, no injuries were reported. 

After a busy day, Minneapolis firefighters were given some respite, until early Tuesday morning when they were again called into action. 

Just after midnight crews arrived at 3715 19th Avenue South near Sibley Park in the Standish neighborhood to find two detached garages engulfed in flames. Fire crews set to work, trying to protect nearby homes from also starting on fire. They evacuated the neighbors to protect them from the heat and fire caused by the burning garages. Luckily, the firefighters stopped the flames before they spread or caused injuries. But unfortunately, both garages were a total loss and two homes were damaged. 

Then a little more than an hour later, Minneapolis crews were called to a fire at a grain elevator building, located at 3716 Dight Avenue near the Hiawatha light rail trail. Firefighters found a fire outside in the loading dock area, and laid lines to keep it from spreading inside. They needed the help of an aerial ladder to put out the flames on the roof and on some exterior stairs, but were able to put it down with no injuries reported. 

All of these fire are still under investigation. 

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