ST PAUL, Minn. – Last fall University of St. Thomas student Evan Steeves was critically injured after an accident involving a car. After months of rehabilitation he returned to classes this week.

Steeves suffered a traumatic brain injury from the accident. "The doctor was grateful to have me be able to leave the operating room alive," said Steeves.

The St. Thomas student was riding his bike through the Cleveland and Jefferson intersection in St. Paul when he struck a car throwing him on the pavement.

Steeves, an engineering major, is sharing his story because, "I was very close to not making it," and he wants to help protect other bikers.

"Accidents happen but it's easier to keep them from happening if you are doing everything to be aware of your surroundings,” said Steeves.

As anxious as he is to get back to riding a bike, he says he will have a plan. "I'm not getting back on a bike without one of these again," referring to a helmet. He was not wearing one on the day of the accident. He also plans on wearing bright reflective gear so he can be seen better.

“And I'm probably going to get off of my bike and walk across busy intersections and look both ways 50 times,” said Steeves.

The St. Paul Police say that since January of this year a pedestrian or cyclist is hit by a driver in St. Paul every other day.

St. Paul Police have started a pedestrian safety initiative this month. They will have more resources at busy intersections throughout St. Paul.

Officers will pull over pedestrians and drivers who are not paying attention and educate them on pedestrian safety.