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Tips for dealing with storm debris

Wednesday is a Weather Warn Day. Here are some tips in case you have to deal with storm damage.

MINNEAPOLIS — Now that we're in severe weather season, here are some tips for dealing with debris and damage on your property, just in case you're struck by passing storms: 

1. If the debris is on your property, it's your responsibility to deal with it. However, in the event of any extremely damaging weather event, your city might declare an emergency. In that case, the city may have special instructions on how to deal with debris. 

2. Never put downed trees or branches in your trash bin. That's illegal in Minnesota. Instead, use your yard waste bin. If you don't regularly pay for a yard waste bin, some cities allow you to purchase one for a one-time fee. 

3. Trim your trees. If you you have a lot of dead branches, they can easily be torn from the tree during a storm and turn into projectiles. Another reason to trim your trees, when that dead weight is taken out, wind can blow through the tree more easily allowing it to bend with the wind instead of acting like a wall and increasing the chance it snaps or even uproots.

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