CANTON, Minn. — It's the most Minnesota video you can imagine.

A pair of draft horses pull a semi up a slippery driveway on a southern Minnesota farm in the winter.

Lizzie Hershberger posted the video on Facebook last Wednesday, and a week later, it has more than 650,000 views.

Hershberger says her Belgian horses, Prince and Molly, were not harmed in the process. Her husband, Jacob, had never asked the team to tow a truck to safety, but they handled it like champs after the semi got stuck in the driveway.

Hershberger told KARE 11 that the horses are trained and her husband uses the team weekly. She said the semi was hauling an empty trailer that is usually used to haul livestock.

"My Husband and I grew up Amish using horses and still love owning horses," Hershberger wrote in her post.