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That's So Minnesota: Waterfall at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park

On Black Friday, Ellery McCardle decided to trade in shopping for a hike in the woods.

NERSTRAND, Minn. - On Black Friday, I usually work and then go shopping. But this year, I decided to work, and then do something different. I was inspired by a tweet to head to a Minnesota State Park.

Black Friday was also "Free Park Friday" in Minnesota, meaning all state parks were free to enter. So, I thought this would be a perfect excuse to get out and explore after a day of Thanksgiving feasts.

Leading up to Black Friday, I asked people on Facebook and Twitter for suggestions, and I got a lot of great ideas. But I got a few for Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. So, I went there to check it out.

The highlight was Hidden Falls, which is a half-frozen (at the time it was) waterfall that cascades into Prairie Creek. There's a wide and well-maintained trail down to the falls, and it's not a long hike.

The "Big Woods" part of the park's name comes from when the settlers discovered this area and found an island of woods within a prairie.

From the Twin Cities, it's an easy drive down I-35. The park sits between Northfield and Faribault.

Apparently, the wildflowers are a sight to see here in the spring, according to the park's website, so that's another reason for me to go back!

What's a state park in Minnesota or western Wisconsin that you recommend I check out with my camera? Here's how to contact me:

Email Ellery: emccardle@kare11.com

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