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'Fight the urge to remain indoors': Caribou workers sort out untimely coffee sleeves

A spokesperson says the slogan, which was written before the pandemic, isn't "exactly on point" with efforts to contain the coronavirus.
Credit: Twitter/Dave Jorgenson
A Caribou Coffee worker posted a video sorting through coffee sleeves to remove the ones that say "Fight the urge to stay indoors."

Caribou Coffee is known for some catchy slogans, but one of them has become a bit problematic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A staff member posted a video to TikTok showing a box of what appear to be Caribou Coffee sleeves with marketing phrases like "The world needs more explorers" and "The scenic route is the only route."

"We have these sleeves for the coffee cups, you know, so you don't burn your hand," he says. But one of the "cute, outdoorsy nature phrases," as he calls them, has taken on a new connotation.

"I have to take out every fourth one, because they printed them with the words, 'Fight the urge to remain indoors,'" he says. The video, tweeted by Washington Post reporter Dave Jorgenson, then shows a box of the offending sleeves, separated out from the rest.

A Caribou Coffee spokesperson sent KARE 11 a statement saying, "Caribou Coffee is all about Team, Guest and Community, so yes(!), while Team Members are on the clock, we are asking them to go through and sort out materials that were produced before the pandemic and aren't exactly on point with the heroic efforts that are being made to contain the Coronavirus."

Credit: Twitter/Dave Jorgenson
Caribou Coffee workers are now removing the sleeves that say "Fight the urge to stay indoors."

They said customers can learn more about what they're doing to keep stores safe on cariboucoffee.com/servingsafely.

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