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Tips for saving money at the MN State Fair

At the information booths, you can find a list of everything at the Fair for $1 or less.

ST PAUL, Minn. — A trip to the State Fair can lighten your wallet, but it doesn't have to.

1. Buy your tickets in advance: Before the fair, tickets are $12 for adults. After, they're $15. The deadline to buy discounted tickets is 9 p.m. Wednesday, August 21. 

Fine more information on advance tickets here.

2. Look for days with discounted admission prices: Find the full list here

3. Bring your own food and drink: What?!? To some, the food at the State Fair is half the fun, but if you'd rather bring your own - you can. Just leave the alcohol at home and know that if you bring a cooler it might be searched.

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4. The Blue Ribbon Bargain Book: It's $5 and full of coupons on food, rides, and merchandise. Check out the deals online here before you buy. If you plan it out and do the math, you can save more than you spend.

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5. Deals, Drawings, & Giveaways pamphlet: You can find it at any information booth. Not only does it list the stuff you can win at the Fair, it has a list of everything you can find there for $1 or less. 

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