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Trooper delivers baby girl on I-5 near Everett

A Washington trooper helped deliver a healthy baby girl on the side of I-5 Tuesday night.

A baby girl couldn't wait to join her family for Thanksgiving. Her parents are giving thanks for a healthy arrival — and the unexpected help — along a busy Washington freeway.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Steve Palm pulled over to inspect a disabled vehicle on I-5 south of Everett Tuesday night. A man approached the trooper and said, "I need your help. My wife's in labor."

Trooper Palm found the expectant mother already outside the vehicle. “I could tell by her body language and the look on her face – the baby was coming.”

The trooper and dad helped mom into the back of their crew cab truck, then Trooper Palm grabbed a blanket and First Aid Kit from his cruiser.

The trooper coached the mom to push, "And before I knew it, I had a baby in my hands. It was amazing. Amazing.”

Soon after, more help arrived on the side of I-5 and medics transported mom and her healthy newborn daughter to the hospital.

This was the couple's second child. Trooper Palm said, "This one was in more of a hurry."

He's giving thanks for a happy outcome. “I’m just glad I was in the right place at the right time to help out, and lean on the training." Palm added, "Mom did all the work. The dad and I just assisted."

The trooper said this a career-first for him.

“You never know what you’re going to come across in this job. Went to check on a disabled vehicle and 7 minutes later, I was delivering a baby."