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The potholes are bad, but these tweets are funny

Because sometimes humor is the best way to cope with a bad, or bumpy, situation.

MINNEAPOLIS — Potholes are a problem pretty much every year, but thanks to this winter's mild temperatures and high snowfall rates, we've had more freeze/thaw cycles than usual. And when that happens, you get more potholes.

Minneapolis Public Works Director Margaret Anderson Kelliher said the city hasn't seen a pothole problem this bad since the winter of 2013-2014, so if you feel like your commute got considerably worse in recent weeks, it's because it probably did.

Twin Cities leaders say help is on the way. St. Paul has reduced speeds on the notoriously pothole-packed Shepard Road and encourages residents to report potholes to the city. If your car was damaged by a pothole, you can even file a claim. Mayor Melvin Carter also proposed the city introduce a 1% sales (pothole) tax.

In Minneapolis, the city is spending an estimated $1 million on additional crews and overtime to patch pesky potholes with an asphalt-gravel mixture commonly called "cold mix" until the freeze-thaw cycle is officially over.

But until the roads run smooth once again, sometimes humor is the best way to cope with a bad, or bumpy, situation.

So here are a bunch of funny tweets about the Twin Cities potholes. Because if you can't laugh, you'll cry... right?

MPR reporter Alex V. Cipolle invited her followers to share their ideas for how to fill the potholes... with wrong answers only. Her idea: gummy bears. Other personal favorites, bubble wrap, "The crushed hopes and dreams of every Minnesota sports fan," and leftover tater tot hot dish.

A meme that's relevant year after year.

Feel like you're driving on the moon? Like you're dodging danger in Mario Kart? Like getting to work is as tough as traveling the Oregon Trail? So do these people.

Elena is taking a "glass half full" approach, which we admire.

OK, but look how cute!

And we have to shout out to MPR photographer Andrew Krueger for sharing these photos of history literally being unearthed on St. Paul's West Side. Old streetcar rails and pavers are now visible along Smith Avenue in this pothole time machine.

Chances are the situation will get worse before it gets better, especially with more snow, colder-than-average weekend temperatures, and then warmer weather next week.

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