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'We need to be proud out loud' | Twin Cities Pride march brings crowd to downtown Minneapolis

Twin Cities Pride marked 50 years this weekend.

MINNEAPOLIS — Marching down Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, there was a sense of pride as the Twin Cities Pride parade marked five decades this weekend.

"50 years, so you know the fight to get here has been long and brutal," said Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council president. 

Another woman along the parade route said, "My mom and I come every year, and we knew that the 50th anniversary, this year was going to be huge."

Huge, after a two-year hiatus during the height of the pandemic. 

"Everyone is back and happy," said Kamarria Brown. 

But, there was also concern. Following the Supreme Court's decision on abortion, many fear the door could be open to overturn same-sex marriage, as more states push legislation limiting protections against the LGBTQIA+ community.

"Over 330 bills have been introduced in legislation offices all over the nation," said Jenkins. "LGBTQIA+ rights are on the chopping block."

But at the parade, there was a continued push for equality. 

"Our message today as we march is we will not stop marching. That is a celebration of 50 years," said Senator Amy Klobuchar.

"The fight is not over," said Jenkins.

"It's so important to know we matter," said Anthony McLellan. "We need to stand up, we need to raise our voices, we need to be proud out loud."

"I have a lot of people in my life [who are] a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and I just want to support [them]," said Constance Klippen.

All of them speaking up for a community to be themselves.

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