WAYZATA, Minn. - When the crisp, white envelope postmarked from Washington DC arrived in Sheri Auclair's mailbox, "I practically had tears in my eyes," she recalled. "It's like a wedding invitation."

Sheri Auclair was invited by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to Friday's Inauguration ceremony, the Inaugural parade as well as two inauguration balls.

"I'm thrilled to be going out there, " said Auclair is a staunch Trump supporter who helped fund raise for the President-Elect's campaign and was a Trump delegate to the RNC in Cleveland.

The swearing-in ceremony "is going to give me goose bumps," said Auclair, who will be watching history unfold from the Capitol, along with her husband, their son, and her godson.

Auclair has already met the president-elect. Auclair and her husband were co-hosts of an August 2016 Trump fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

"[Trump] asked very pointed questions. He just looks you in the eye and he drills down," remembers Auclair.

While she expects to come across protesters that will be demonstrating against the President-Elect, Auclair believes Donald Trump will bring "a sense of hope that after eight years, we finally are going to be on the right track," she said.