MINNEAPOLIS - Cities are always looking for new development. In Minneapolis, there's no shortage of new luxury condos and apartments.

But not everyone is happy with the change.

A group of University of Minnesota students are fighting higher rent and trying to keep the area's character.

Inside her duplex in the southeast Como neighborhood, U of M student body vice president Sam Marlow says the price is right, and the rental has all the amenities she needs.

“I'm saving like $300 a month,” Marlow said. “A great, clean place to stay.”

It's quite different from where her friend, Jasmine Gill, lives, in The Marshall.

With its granite countertops, indoor swimming pool and "tanning domes," it's one of the many luxury student apartments built near campus in the last several years. “And my parents are helping me pay for it,” Gill said.

This summer, Big 10 Restaurant & Bar and Village Wok on Washington Avenue closed so another apartment can go up. And now there are initial discussions for a similar project at the current location of Mesa Pizza, a 16-story apartment building on 4th Street right in the heart of Dinkytown.

Last week, U students held a town hall meeting to discuss that possibility and share their thoughts on the trend of high-end student housing.

“Especially because financial stress is such a big problem right now,” said Marlow.

Nearly 800 students signed an online petition asking city leaders to "strongly evaluate the need for more luxury apartments in Dinkytown and Stadium Village."

It's a student push for affordable housing as neighborhoods surrounding campus continue to evolve.

Student leaders will turn the petition over to Minneapolis City Council Member Jacob Frey, whose ward includes Dinkytown. Frey says he would support adding affordable student housing to the area.