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U of M's next apple has been named: Introducing 'Triumph'

After calling for suggestions, the program that created the Honeycrisp has named its newest apple variety.
Credit: fascinadora - stock.adobe.com

MINNEAPOLIS — 2020 may not have been a great year... but at least we got a new apple out of it. 

Now, that new apple has its name. 

Last year, when the University of Minnesota announced its newest apple variety -- formerly known as MN 1980 -- it asked people to send in name suggestions. The university said it got more than 500 suggestions -- some inspired by 2020 events, others based on Minnesota's culture.

In the end, though, the university picked a name that was very close to home: "Triumph," chosen by graduate student Stephen Brockman. 

“I chose the name ‘Triumph’ because creating a fruit cultivar of such high quality is quite literally a triumph,” Brockman said in a UMN news release. “Years of meticulous work by many people culminating in a great achievement. It’s just as much a name as a description.”

UMN said "Triumph" is a cross between "Honeycrisp" and "Liberty," with red skin and a slightly tart flavor. The university added that the apple is winter-hardy with good disease resistance. 

UMN said some growers in the region will be planting the tree this spring, and more trees will be available in 2022. 

But if you're looking to taste the new apple, don't get your hopes up too soon -- the school said it'll be another four to five years before you can buy the fruits themselves.