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Unique solutions to improving water quality

The Minnesota DNR has drained Little Rock Lake and placed plants along the shoreline to improve water quality.

In a Bloomington neighborhood, Heidi Niziolek looks over her beautiful surroundings and then that one and only eyesore.

"This little pond," said Niziolek.

Winchester Pond.

"Very smelly. It's just overloaded, overloaded with stuff," said Niziolek.

Stuff like algae and duckweed. Heidi has led the charge working with her neighbors, Hennepin County, and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District to adopt the pond.

She has helped build several artificial islands in the pond to help filter water.

"Put plants that are going to help clean the water. I think the islands will make a difference, I truly do," said Niziolek.

Heidi's islands are just one example of unique solutions.

At Little Rock Lake, one of the more polluted lakes in the state, The DNR has drained it and placed plants along the shoreline to help clean the water.

There are also steps you can take at home.

Matt Bauman with the DNR calls it revegetating shorelines.

"Deep rooted vegetation, Woody vegetation, Trees, Shrubs that filters runoff. Creates habitat for some of the states most important critters," said Bauman.

Cleaning out storm drains can help as well, preventing pollutants from flowing into our waterways.

These are the little things we can do to maintain our paradise. 

"Anybody could do this. Anybody," said Niziolek.

For more information on shoreline restoration click here.

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