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Unsolved: The disappearance of Amy Sue Pagnac

She vanished from a gas station on that fateful day three decades ago - sparking a mystery that has stumped Maple Grove Police ever since

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — Susan Pagnac, Sr. cannot believe it has been 30 years since she last saw her daughter.

The investigation into 13-year-old Amy Sue Pagnac's disappearance on Aug. 5, 1989, is now approaching the 30-year mark this summer. She vanished from a gas station in Osseo on that fateful day three decades ago - sparking a mystery that has stumped Maple Grove Police ever since.

"It has not been easy. You have your high points, your low points," Susan Pagnac, Sr., said. "I believe she's out there. I have nothing that tells me she is deceased."

Over the past 30 years, police have not publicly identified any suspects or persons of interest. Amy's father told police back then that he went inside to use the gas station restroom, but when he returned, his daughter was not there. Amy suffered from a medical condition causing seizures, but it's unclear if that played a role in her disappearance.

Credit: KARE
Amy Sue Pagnac

The case is not classified as a runaway, but investigators had little if any evidence from the original crime scene to evaluate. In 2014, police and the FBI combed through family properties to look for evidence again, but it did not lead to any arrests.

So that's where the case stands now at the three-decade mark.

"She just needs help," Susan said. "The public can make a difference."

Credit: KARE
Amy Sue Pagnac disappeared from a gas station in Osseo on Aug. 5, 1989.

Susan Pagnac, Sr., is begging the public to provide new information if it comes to light. She also said she would like to hear from someone who called early in the investigation to say that they knew Amy; that person has not been heard from since.

"They could come forward, and maybe say where they met," Pagnac said. "Maybe they saw something that's important."

BELOW: A map of open missing persons cases in Minnesota. Data from NAMUS.gov. (App users, click here)

Maple Grove Police said the case "still remains a high priority," and that they owe it to Amy to bring her home. They are seeking information, in particular, about Amy's biological father.

Maple Grove Police say if anyone has information about the case, they should contact Detective Missy Parker at 763-494-6206.

Credit: KARE
Amy Sue Pagnac was 13 when she disappeared.

Susan Pagnac, Sr., said somebody must know something.

And she believes her daughter is still alive.

"If there's a way to survive," she said, "she'll find it."

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