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Update: Officer Arik Matson's speech, eating continue to improve

The wounded Waseca officer is working so hard, and making so much progress with his rehab that Matson needs all the quiet time, rest and recovery he can get.
Credit: Waseca PD
His chief says officer Arik Matson has been with the Waseca Police since 2013, and is a patrolman and member of the city's drug task force and SWAT team. He is also a beloved DARE officer who works with young people in Waseca.

WASECA, Minn. — First, the downside: Waseca Officer Arik Matson is not taking visitors at the rehab facility where he is recovering after being shot in the head.

But a post Sunday by Matson's sister-in-law says there's a reason for his being off-limits to those anxious to see Arik. He is working so hard, and making so much progress with his rehab that Matson needs all the quiet time, rest and recovery he can get.

Nicole Matson posted on Arik's CaringBridge site that the Waseca officer is working from early morning when he wakes until dinner time, doing occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.  

"His hand-eye coordination is also looking much better although he's not the biggest fan of OT, he continues to work hard through it. He's got good strength in his left arm and he's starting to move it more and more. He's also walking further and further with a crutch and 2 physical therapist!" Nicole says. She added that Arik's swallowing has improved so much that his beloved chicken strips, which had been banned, are now back on the menu. 

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Because his therapy regime is so strenuous, Nicole Matson says Arik's team has decided on a no-visitors policy until things level out.

"With his busy therapy schedule, the few moments in between his appointments are a crucial time for his brain to rest and heal," she wrote. "Arik loves literally everyone and can't help but put his focus into visitors instead of resting and healing so in his best interest, we are not allowing visitors at this time."

Matson was shot and critically wounded the night of Jan. 6, 2020 as he responded to reports of a suspicious person at a home in Waseca. The alleged shooter, 37-year-old Tyler Robert Janovsky, is charged with attempted murder. 

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