GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — It's been three months since Jayme Closs's disapearance from her Barron County home, and this morning... we're ecstatic to report she has been found alive in northwestern Wisconsin. 

Authorities confirm that after being picked up by law enforcement outside of the Town of Gordon, Jayme was taken to a hospital to be treated and have her condition evaluated.  

Jayme's being found alive is a topic that is trending as people across the U.S... and the globe... share the good news.  

Something making the rounds online is a photo of Jayme in the hospital. But we have verified that this photo of Jayme is not current. The person who originally shared it online commented just hours ago that the photo was taken a year ago.

Again... the photo of Jayme in the hospital has been shared thousands of times -- and we can verify that it was NOT taken yesterday or today.  


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