Is your cell phone ringing non-stop from calls you don't want?

Robocalls are a growing annoyance for a lot of us, and one viewer wanted us to Verify how to stop them.

Sandy asks, "On my cell phone - How can I remove my phone number from robo callers?"

To start, the Federal Communications Commission recommends putting your number on the national Do Not Call list. It's for both landlines and wireless numbers.

Cell phones shouldn't get auto-dial or pre-recorded calls at all -- the FCC says your written or verbal consent is required first.

But of course, scam artists don't follow the rules.

You can block numbers right on your phone -- Sandy's tried that -- and says she's reached a maximum.

There are several apps on both Apple and Android to help block calls. But scammers also try to outsmart these.

Sandy says, "Now they look like a local number with the first numbers in my area code and often the next 3 numbers of my number. How can this be?"

That's "call spoofing" -- making Caller ID show a local number, or even your own.

The Minnesota Attorney General's Office says it's best not to answer unrecognized numbers. It lets a scam artist know your number is active, and could lead to more calls.

If you do answer, hang up. Then report the call to the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission, and in Minnesota, to the Public Utilities Commission.

Stopping spoofed calls is harder, since the Caller ID could be anything.

One option on smartphones is to set "Do Not Disturb" -- while still allowing calls from numbers already in your contacts. It won't stop the call, but will prevent the ringing. And legitimate callers can still leave a voicemail.


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