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Vikings fans celebrate upset playoff win versus Saints

The experts didn't give them a chance, which fans believe was the best thing the team had going for them
Credit: KARE 11

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — With all the experts doubting them, Vikings fans at Joe Senser's hoped it wouldn't take another miracle to beat the Saints in the playoffs. 

"Look what happened with the Minnesota Miracle. Everyone thought we were out. We won," one man said.

By halftime, the Vikings took the lead. A lead this year's team wasn't supposed to have.

"Joke's on everyone else!" another fan said.

A lead that turned into a tie, sending the Vikings and Saints into overtime. Sending everyone's nerves to the edge.

But by the last play, the fans could see it coming.

"Use those big hands, Rudolph. He's on the top!" a fan called out when he saw the formation leading to the touchdown.

Oh yes, Vikings fans "like that."

And the way the Vikings won this game gives a lot of these fans hope for their chances next week versus number-one San Francisco.

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