FOREST LAKE, Minn. — A woman was rescued from her vehicle after it rolled on I-35 southbound near Forest Lake and landed in standing water.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, 22-year-old Allyson Andert lost control of her vehicle on I-35 and County Road 8 in Wyoming, Minnesota, around 10 p.m. on Wednesday.

The vehicle landed upside-down in two feet of standing water. Two troopers and a bystander cut Andert's seat belt and pulled her out. A trooper did CPR and revived her, continuing life-saving measures as she went in and out of consciousness.

"It was definitely a relief when she was breathing again. Obviously the fight was still on to make sure she continued breathing on her own, but once she started breathing, and she spit out the water, it was definitely a relief," trooper Cory Johnson says.

Andert, from Centerville, was brought to Regions Hospital once she regained consciousness. As of Thursday she had been treated and released, according to the hospital.

Andert released a statement Thursday explaining what she remembered about the incident.

She says, "I felt the water getting higher and higher in the pickup truck. It eventually ended up covering my face ...The entire time I was fighting for my life and kept telling myself I need to keep fighting. The reason I kept fighting is because I didn't want my mom to get the call I was dead."

Andert is hoping to meet the two troopers who saved her life.

The State Patrol is hoping to set up a meeting some time next week.