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'Stay Midwestern and friendly' Yung Gravy talks MN roots

Yung Gravy had a saucy return back to Minnesota over Thanksgiving. Morgan Wolfe talked with him about his rise to fame, dates with Martha Stewart, and Rochester.

MINNESOTA, USA — Vikings fans enjoyed some gravy before the players feasted on the Patriots. Yung Gravy, that is. The musician performed in front of 60,000+ fans at US Bank Stadium before the Thanksgiving game. 

Who is Yung Gravy

His real name is Matthew Hauri. The 26-year-old hit the top of the charts with his hit "Betty," which was a summer/fall anthem. The musician can rap, produce, and sing. He's got a unique throwback sense of style that is reminiscent of 70's funk music. Standing at 6 '3, Hauri also has a devilish Midwestern charm.

"I love coming home," Hauri said. 

The Rochester native's schedule has been packed with a tour promoting his new album "Marvelous," which led him back to Minnesota for the Thanksgiving performance and a sold-out show at the Armory on Nov. 25. 

He was sure to carve out time to spend with his mom, Cindy, and his close friends from his childhood. 

"Me and all three of my best friends lost our dads when we were young. So, we are all really tight with our moms. We do 'Momsgiving', so we all go to my house, and I make fondue for everybody," Hauri said. 

Hauri's dad passed away when he was 16. He was the director of the Mayo's Sleep Disorders Center. Peter Hauri was a well-known sleep researcher who helped invent rumple strips on roads. The bumps that let you know when you're swerving over the traffic lines. 

Hauri went to Mayo High School, then went to University of Wisconsin - Madison. "I started rapping in college. I was doing way too much. I started a pizza sales company but then figured I could just start marketing myself," the rapper said. 

It worked.

His song "Mr. Clean," gained traction on SoundCloud. Hauri graduated in 3.5 years with two business majors back in 2017.


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"I went on tour the day after graduation," Hauri said. 

He's been at it ever since.

"I miss Minnesota. I miss the people the most," Hauri said.

Here is a list of his current tour schedule. 

Who is one of Yung Gravy's biggest inspirations? 

Another Minnesota musician: Prince. 

"I love Prince. My favorite song is Sticky like Glue."

What's something he didn't expect to happen with all of his success? 

Doing a commercial with Martha Stewart.

"I brought her on some dates after. I have her tattooed on my arm. She's a total sweetheart. I love Martha."

What does he do when comes home?

Besides spending time with his family and friends, he likes to go through Uptown where he used to live and go check out other spots around Minneapolis, including Dinkytown.

Who is Yung Gravy's favorite Minnesota Vikings player? 

Dalvin Cook.

What's something Yung Gravy would want Minnesotans to know?

 "Stay midwestern and friendly because I live in LA now. Everyone loves me because I am down to earth, and I am myself."

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