PLYMOUTH, Minn. - We all have those holiday traditions, whether it’s driving around, looking at holiday lights or going to a downtown Macy’s store to see their holiday window displays.

Matt Dunn, of 4130 Juneau Lane North in Plymouth, is combining both of those traditions by creating holiday displays in his front yard with figurines from the now-shuttered Macy’s store in downtown Minneapolis.

The tradition began last year with a 24 x 12-foot house, home to a family of elves. The display was a compelling cause.

“One hundred percent of the money goes to the Wayzata-Plymouth Meals on Wheels program,” explained Dunn.

There’s a donation box, set up on the mailbox for people to donate money to the Meals on Wheels program. Last year the effort raised more than $3,000.

Dunn, who is a magician, wanted to expand his holiday display.

“I see the magic in those types of displays. When I heard Macy's was getting rid of these figures I said 'Hey, those are what I was looking for,” said Dunn, who purchased 14 figurines.

“The concept was to take these figures that came with nothing else, but just their clothing, and recreate some of those really cool Macy's window store figures,” explained Dunn.

This year, the display is not in a downtown setting – it’s in the suburbs.

“We said we got to do the Cinderella one. You've got the ugly stepsisters. Then this was the original Cinderella as well as the prince,” said Dunn.

“Maybe that will be the new tradition of people driving by and mom and dad 'Hey I want to go see what the new window display!“