GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - There's no doubt that the holidays can be hectic, and while the season can be stressful for all, we can’t forget about the guys.

“I think men may be more likely to internalize stress around the holidays,” says Park Nicollet psychotherapist Emily Bulthuis.

So, guys, we wanted to hear from you on our KARE 11 Facebook page. We asked, What are you most stressed about this holiday season?

We heard from a lot of you. Some of you made us laugh, like Travis who said, "Being single! Leave me alone, Grandma!"

A lot of you are concerned about money and tackling that shopping list. Josh said, "Where it’s coming from and how much is being spent," and Dan said, "Buying presents…it gets very overwhelming.”

So, we talked to Ali Kaplan, Style Editor at MSP Magazine and she has some tips to keep your holiday spirit high.

“Don't wait until Christmas Eve, I guess that would be the first piece of advice,” Kaplan says. “You tend to see a lot of men at the malls on Christmas Eve and this is because they've waited until the last minute.”

She says to try a subscription service for those on your nice list.

“Use these to your advantage. Marilou Boutique is in Wayzata, they have their Mb Box. All you have to do is go in and sign on the dotted line and your wife or significant other will get a box of pretties delivered to her every month, every week, you can set it up how you want.”

Primp Boutique also offers holiday gift boxes starting at $28.

‘Tis the season for family gatherings but let's be honest, they're not always jolly. Tim says, "Drama between family members while trying to find the time and date that works for everyone.”

Dr. Rick Aberman is the psychologist for the Minnesota Twins and says those dining room table duels can be de-escalated by simply being open.

“I think it's really important that people state their opinions and listen openly to hear the opinions of others. Try not to judge people, but most importantly, don't be so invested in being right. ‘This is my belief’, which is different than trying to get you to see it my way,” Aberman says.

He insists that self-care is essential during this season of stress.

Chad said on Facebook he gets most anxious about trying to please everyone. He says “It's awesome having so many open doors and invites but it's very difficult to make enough time." Emily Bulthuis explains that RSVP’ing yes to everything can create more tension than cheer.

“Having realistic expectations is critical, as well as learning how to say no. We're just one person and so you have to sort of choose what is going to fill you up and be beneficial for you, rather than saying yes to everybody else for the sake of saying yes and pleasing others,” Bulthuis says.

Plus, posting may not put you in the holiday spirit and she suggests taking a break from the constant scroll. And those Christmas cards? Don't let the glossy finish take away from your own shine.

“It's really easy to look at someone's Christmas card and see a beautiful photo and assume that everything in their life is beautiful, right? But it's a Christmas card, it's supposed to be lovely.”

So fellas, try out some of these tips and give yourself the gift of a less-stressed holiday season.