Balance. That is the holy grail of political reporting. But this presidential race has been full of imbalance and that is because of one candidate, Donald Trump.

June 16, 2015 is the day Trump entered the race.
And nearly every day since.
His words have dominated the news cycle.

"If you look at sort of tracking from beginning of his announcing his candidacy his (Trump's) earned media percent relative to other candidates is insane," media expert Jane Turk, from Hamline University said.

In the primaries alone Trump had 2 billion dollars in earned media.
What is that?

That means if you added up the time he was in news publications (because we were reporting on him) and calculated what it would cost if he bought that time it would be at that figure.
That's is, to use a Trumpism, yuge.
And in all seriousness a problem for that tenant of fairness in political reporting, aka balance.
"Fundamentally if you look at the statistics with the stories about Trump and Hillary Clinton there's not a balance there," Turk said.

As a journalist I can tell you why.
Because every single day Trump says something that's new and worthy of reporting.
"He does things that are typically newsworthy and are going to drive traffic to your news site so I think it's a really tricky balance for news reporters," Turk said.

Right there.

This is the one million dollar question we are all begging Edward R. Murrow to answer from the grave.

How do we cover a candidate who at his every soundbite breaks the mold AND be fair to the other candidate who rarely breaks free of the political party line?
You tell me.
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Cause I'd really like to know.