A Medina man took the law into his own hands after a chance encounter with the people who allegedly drained his bank account.

 Bill Nunn says the bizarre incident really began a few weeks ago, when his wife tried to mail a check from their business, Skyrock Farm.

 "What we didn't know is that the check had been stolen from our mailbox," said Stacy Nunn.

 "What they did with this check was, once they have the numbers off the check, they printed other checks," Bill Nunn said.

 "It was a kick in the shorts," Stacy Nunn said. "They got over 50 thousand dollars."

 After realizing what happened, the couple visited the Long Lake Community Bank to close their account, and then they got another surprise.

 "We were getting up to leave and the staff said, 'Look there is somebody at the window at the drive-thru, trying to cash a check," Bill Nunn said. "They said, 'We've called the police.'"

 "Bill looked at me and said, 'Give me the keys,'" Stacy Nunn said. "I thought, these people could have a gun, this could be dangerous, and I just thought, I have to let Bill be Bill."

 When he ran to his vehicle, Bill said he wasn't trying to be a hero.

 "My intent was just simply to block them in so they couldn't leave, but they had already left," he said. "So I had to kind of take matters into my own hands."

 Bill jumped in his white pickup and chased the suspects several miles toward Navarre, while Stacy was on the phone with police.

 "I told them, 'You need to find them because my husband is going to stay on this until you guys get there," Stacy said.

 Bill says he cut off the suspects' car and forced them into a Culver's parking lot, just as police arrived and took over.

 Kent Erdahl: "Did the officer say anything to you?"

 Bill Nunn: "He said, 'Go.'"

 Kent Erdahl: You do realize that they don't recommend chasing a suspect, right?"

 Bill Nunn: "I realize that, yes. There was no one else available, so I was the law that day."

 Police tell KARE11 that two suspects were arrested, but the Nunn's aren't sure what, if any money they'll be able to recover. 

 For now, they're just hoping others learn from their story.

 "My main concern is to tell people, do not mail anything from your house," Bill said. "Don't mail anything. Espcially not checks."

 The Nunn's say they were told that the two suspects are likely part of a larger crime ring. Police say the case is still under investigation.