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Minneapolis gets new warning sirens

"It could be for a tornado, high winds, severe hail, any large storms that can cause damage."

MINNEAPOLIS - Fifteen new outdoor warning sirens throughout downtown Minneapolis will sound this Wednesday at 1 p.m. during the monthly test.

“So our total now is 65 sirens throughout the city," said Brian Millberg, the energy manager for the City of Minneapolis.

Millberg said these new sirens meet a Federal Emergency Management Agency guideline.

“The sirens should be 10 decibels higher in sound level than the surrounding area," he said.

Millberg said these sirens are to notify people to get off the streets because of severe weather.

“It could be for a tornado, high winds, severe hail, any large storms that can cause damage.”

These warning sirens are meant to be heard outside. The system is not designed to provide notification inside homes or businesses.

“The last really large storm we had was the northside tornado and the sirens had not been upgraded at that time," Millberg said. "Since then, we have upgraded them in addition to all new sirens. We installed battery backups for every siren in case the power goes out, the sirens will still sound.”

When these sirens sound, people should always seek shelter. People who are in their vehicles should seek shelter immediately inside a sturdy building, on the lowest level, away from windows.

The new siren locations are:

• 1400 Chicago Ave. S.

• 133 First Ave. N.

• 1005 Portland Ave. S.

• 424 Chicago Ave. S.

• 600 First Ave. N.

• 220 11th St. S.

• 1200 Nicollet Mall

• 400 First Ave. N.

• 800 LaSalle Ave.

• 1201 Washington Ave. S.

• 800 First St. N.

• 300 Sixth St. S.

• 1105 Eighth St. S.

• 527 Marquette Ave.

• 400 Marquette Ave.