MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnehaha Academy boys basketball team beat Caledonia 73-60 in the class AA championship Saturday afternoon.

The win marks the end of a difficult season for the team, one which coach Lance Johnson says required a large amount of perseverance and determination.

"I'm super proud of the boys," Johnson says.

"They were resilient from the get go. Not once did I hear a player complain."

The team played the entire regular season without a home court.

The team typically plays its home games at the Minnehaha Academy main gym.

School officials say the gym was damaged during the explosion that shook the school on August 2nd and killed two staff members.

"The entire floor was damaged," athletic director Josh Thurow explains.

"We're hoping to have the new floor ready in a few months."

With no home court to call their own, players were forced to practice and play home games at three different schools.

"We were moving from gym, to gym, to gym, but it was nothing but motivation for the guys. Every court we hit we were playing really hard," senior basketball player Javonni Bickham says.

The constant change of scenery wasn't only hard on players. Coaches say parents and fans also had a tough time with the constant change.

"Everyone was always wondering, where's the game tonight? Nobody knew, with everyone bouncing around and having a different spot every time," Thurow says.

But the fans quickly figured things out and showed up every game, wherever it was.

"We have a slogan, no gym, no problem," Minnehaha Academy senior Jonah O'Bert says.

"I'm so happy for all the guys, they've worked hard to be here."

Players say winning the championship title this year was even more meaningful than it was when they took home the title in 2017.

"This championship is bigger than all of us. Even though we're winning, this is for the community. it's great for the school," Bickham says.

The school's soccer, volleyball and la crosse teams also played without a home field this season.

The athletic department is hoping to have everything back up and running before next Fall, so players won't have to go through the same thing again next year.