BURNSVILLE, Minn. -- It's a blast from the past. Some Minnesotans are marking this historic blizzard by recreating photos from another huge snowstorm that happened on the exact same day, 35 years ago.

Aaron Brown was just 2 and a half years old when there was a blizzard in Hastings. There is a photo of Aaron with his dad holding a shovel, behind a cardboard sign that says "April 14, 1983."

"Apparently judging by the photo, I wasn't real happy to be out in the snowstorm. I think I'm screaming in the picture," Brown said.

On the exact same day, 35 years later, Brown then recreated the photo with his son, Wyatt, who is 3 years old—nearly the same age his dad was when the original photo was taken.

"It's just a nostalgic picture of fun in the snow and amazing that this much snow can happen in April," said Brown, who lives in Burnsville.

Wyatt is the youngest of three kids. Wife Katie Brown added, "We'd rather not have snow in the middle of April but it is kind of fun that it was the same day 35 years ago and that we could have that photo with our son, just like Aaron did with his dad."

Aaron posted the photo on Twitter. As of Sunday night, it had more than 106,200 likes and more than 13,100 retweets.

"It's been amazing that people are reacting or commenting or talking about it at all really," he said.

A photo from that same snowstorm in '83 was recreated Saturday in Elk River.

Jennifer Haas with her daughter in 2018 and Haas with her mom in 1983. (Photo courtesy: Jennifer Haas)

Jennifer Haas was just 11 months old at the time. In the picture, her mom is holding her and a cardboard sign that says "April 14, '83."

"Went to my husband's closet and found a plaid shirt that matched the one that my mom was wearing," Haas said.

She recreated the photo with Audrey, her 9-year-old daughter.

"To be able to share it with people and hopefully for her to be able to do it some day will be pretty neat too," Haas said.

Her mom did her own 2018 version but instead of holding Haas, she had a bottle of wine.

About the attention the pictures are getting on social media, Haas said, "The whole experience now... I mean we'll be talking about this for years."