WOODBURY, Minn. -- Claire Emery remembers when she got the call.

"It was surprising because I sort of talked myself into - it's nothing," said Emery.

It was breast cancer. Claire was just 34, married with two young kids, both under four, and undergoing Chemotherapy.

Mindi Dupont remembers that call, too.

"Where time just stands still and your heart, it's just not beating," said Dupont.

Breast cancer. Two young kids. Chemo.

But, then, Mindi got another call, from Claire.

"It just seemed like a way to take something that had happened that was negative and use these experiences to help in a positive way," said Emery.

Claire was now cancer-free and had joined the new "Firefly Sisterhood," a nonprofit connecting breast cancer survivors with women who had just been diagnosed.

"Talking to someone who's your age, in your same situation, same stage, and you can really connect about all of those things in a way that just talking to someone with breast cancer doesn't allow you to do," said Kris Newcomer, the executive director at The Firefly Sisterhood.

"You could just kind of rest easy because they know, she knew the scariness and the challenge of having young kids," said Dupont.

Empathy. It's exactly what Mindi needed. Today, she, too, is cancer-free.

And, Claire Emery keeps on calling others.

"As I've been matched with these women and have been able to provide this support, it's helped me in a way that I didn't really know that I needed," said Emery.

The Firefly Sisterhood launched in 2014; the non-profit organization serves the entire state of Minnesota and is free for anybody with breast cancer.