MINNEAPOLIS — Cattails near the lakes whipped about helplessly on Thursday while the wind made its presence known.

The bottom line was that it was cold on Thursday, but Minnesotans didn't even blink an eye.

Monica Gressett Hall from Rochester said she's used to conditions like this. She thought since the sun was out, it was good enough for a walk.

"It's usually what I try to do every day, usually not on days like this but it was sunny so I wanted to take advantage of that," Gressett Hall said. 

When you see a woman walking through blowing snow and a man jogging under similar conditions, you may think that you've seen it all. That's until a man passes by on a unicycle. The unicyclist is evidence that for people who live in the "Bold North," it's business as usual.

Dan Bentley was at the dog park with his wife and puppy, Louie. He said he thinks his dog actually prefers the colder climate.

"We try to bring our dog a couple times a week at least, especially when it's colder," Bentley said. "It's a nice way for him to burn a ton of energy."

Cross country skiers were out in full swing, too. One skier mentioned that with the right clothes, the winter is bearable.

"I like the cold but I definitely dress for it," Paul Berge said. 

And in Minnesota, with the right attitude, you might even find the cold addicting.

"Everyone says once you move to Minnesota you never leave," Gressett Hall said. "Part of it is that the people are really nice but also part of it is the pride of saying that you can brave this."