MINNESOTA -- You’ve probably already seen them on your TVs and smartphones, political ads…lots of them.

Well, get ready to see more of them, like, a lot more of them.

“This could be the biggest money year in electoral politics history in Minnesota,” election expert and retired Carleton College Professor Steven Schier says.

So far Minnesota elections have brought in more than $20 million, Schier says, making it the 2nd highest in the nation behind only California.

“Outside money is flowing into Minnesota in huge amounts,” Schier says.

The Republican Governors Association has already committed $2.3 million to the Minnesota governor’s race to help pay for TV ads.

The Democratic Governors Association isn’t far behind.

Other big contributors include both national parties, various election committees and Super PACs.

"I think it could easily double that by November so, $40 million in this election," Schier explains.

Minnesota has become a battleground state in this election, with two U.S. Senate seats and three highly contested house seats up for grabs.

The crowded governor's race is also bringing in outside money.

Democrats are trying to hold on to the position Mark Dayton has held for the last eight years, while republicans are looking to build on their current control of the Minnesota house and senate.

“Right now the republicans are leading in spending in Minnesota, but various democrat groups are now allotting their funding too.”

Schier says both parties are racing to buy up as much TV time as they can, but with dwindling spots available they're now turning to social media.

For those who are hoping to escape this influx of political advertising, Schier says there will be no respite in the coming months.

“There will be an information overload and a lot of that information will be tainted information from the campaign that will contain huge amount of spin,” Schier says.

“Get ready to set your settings to ‘spin cycle’ this election.”