MINNEAPOLIS - The Winter Olympics are underway in South Korea and fans have already witnessed several exciting moments on TV.

Back here at home, that same excitement is inspiring first time skiers and boarders to give it a try.

"There's so much winter sports activity showing on TV and that gets people interested in coming out," Buck Hill co-owner Don McClure says.

Buck Hill is already known as a good place to learn skiing and snowboarding, but McClure says they're seeing more beginners than usual.

"Every time we have the Olympics, one out of four years, it makes for a big uptick in business for us," McClure says.

Plus, McClure says it doesn't hurt to have a local athlete competing in the Olympics.

"We're Lindsey Vonn's hometown ski area," McClure explains. "We get a lot of publicity because of that."

Overall, McClure says the ski season has been pretty average though.

The cold weather in January kept a lot of skiers at home, but McClure says the week ahead should bring people to the hill.

"The week ahead has perfect ski conditions," McClure explains. "The sun is warmer in February, stronger air temperatures in the mid-20's, it makes it absolutely perfect snow conditions."

Snowmobilers however, have had a tougher season this year.

The Minnesota DNR's website shows most trails in Southern Minnesota have poor conditions or worse.

Some trails don't even have enough snow to stay open right now.

"Obviously we'd love to have more snow," Minneapolis Motor Sports parts manager Benn Endsley says.

The industry hasn't had a good snow year since 2013, Endsley says.

Many of the snowmobilers he's spoken to this season have found ridable snow further north, but many have had to go out of state.

"I myself like to ride in Colorado on the mountains out there," Endsley says.

Snowmobile sales have been pretty average this year as well, Endsley says.

At the shop in Minneapolis they're already looking ahead to Summer. Several boating accessories are already hitting the showroom floor.

"Once the boat show comes to town we start to switch gears to Spring," Endsley says.

For more information on the current trail conditions, click here.