ST PAUL, Minn. — MnDOT plow drivers are back out for round two, another day, another snow storm.

Wednesday night’s commute wasn’t so bad; most drivers were able to beat the snow.

The commute Thursday morning was also surprisingly smooth for a lot of drivers, despite the road being covered in snow.

“My guess is a lot of people just decided to stay home for work today,” MnDOT spokesman Kent Barnard laughs.

But Thursday night’s commute wasn’t as easy.

"When we have snow throughout the day heading into the afternoon, evening rush hour, it does become more of a problem,” Barnard says.

The snow kept falling most of the day, so drivers had to hit the same roads multiple times to keep them clear.

Plus, the wind didn’t help, blowing some of the snow they just plowed back on the road.

Barnard says the warm temps Wednesday and Thursday morning provided the perfect conditions for road salt, but later in the afternoon, the temps dropped.

“What happens is if the snow is melting some and then we have the lower temperatures, the snow and moisture will freeze onto the pavement,” Barnard says.

So MnDOT decided to send out nearly 200 drivers Thursday to get as much done as possible before temperatures dropped.

“We wanted to beat the cold and clear the roads fast,” Barnard says.

Ice will also be a problem during the commute Friday morning.

The roads won’t look bad, because they should be clear, with no snow in the forecast overnight, but in cold temps like these, ice will be a problem.

“We’re asking drivers to take it slow and give our plows some room, so they can do their best to keep the roads in good condition,” Barnard says.

So far this winter MnDOT says nearly 30 plows have been hit on the road.

The most recent accident happened Thursday morning in Rochester when a semi rear-ended a plow on Highway 52.

MnDOT says no one was injured in the crash.