BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Does the stress of Black Friday make you see red, knowing that before you find the perfect gift, you first have to find a parking spot?

The Mall of America is making it easier with an app. It's called MyPark, and it lets you reserve one of 20 prime spaces in the mall's east and west ramps just steps from the door.

“It's peace of mind,” said Sarah Townes, Mall of America Vice President of Marketing. “You know you'll get a front row parking spot.”

That's because you can book a space for as much time as you need. The cost is $6 for the first two hours and and if you run out of time, you can extend your reservation right on the app for an additional $3 an hour.

“To be able to add time directly from your app and your smart phone has been a great service offering,” Townes said.

MyPark is just the latest service the mall is testing, trying to make shopping easier. Already there's valet parking, five Uber pick up spots and daily shuttles. The mall says nearly 200 shoppers have used the app so far, and another 350 have reservations, and if those numbers grow, so might the number of My Park spaces.

“Things like MyPark that eases any angst over trying to find a parking spot is a perfect solution for our guests,” said Townes.

For more information about MyPark, visit the FAQ page.